Baśnie alpejskie (relacjami z podróży przeplatane)

  1. Magdalena Jonca


Alpine fairy tales (interspersed with accounts of journeys)


The article is devoted to interpretations of several Alpine fairy tales from the collection Fairy tales from the mountains edited by Elena Chmelová. The aim is not only to delimit the themes present in the tales – typical of magical folk tales – but also to point out characteristic regional, ethnographic, topographic and landscape-related motifs associated with specific features of the various parts of the Alps (Pennine, Bernese, Urner, Glarus, Rhaetian, Allgäu, Provence Alps etc.). A “commentary” is provided by 19th century accounts of Polish travellers.

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Góry, Literatura, Kultura

5, 2010

Strony od 67 do 78

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